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Sovereign Helimix (Size):

1 Scoop = 125 mg of Natural Caffeine

Zero Artificial Sweetener & Dyes

Premium Ingredients

Sovereign lifestyle amatea natural pre workout

Guayusa Tea Leaves

Naturally occurring antioxidants and caffeine from tea for a cognitive, uplifting energy experience, unlike any other caffeinated ingredient.

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Citrapeak sovereign lifestyle pre workout natural

Orange Peels

Highly bioavailable, leading to tangible sensations within 30 minutes providing an increase in blood flow and a pleasant thermogenic effect.

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sovereign lifestyle cognatiq natural pre workout vitality

Whole-Coffee Fruit

Boosting a key neuroprotein – BDNF, increasing brain connectivity while improving cognitive performance fast and over time.

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Pumps. Performance. Focus. Energy.

Vitality's Formula

Sovereign lifestyle natural pre workout vitality ruby red strawberry lemonade


Ruby Red

We've got Vitality's formula on lock down, time to sit back, relax and enjoy our original flavor. Your favorite summer classic, served best over ice.

Sold Out

Sovereign Lifestyle natural pre workout vitality opal oasis

Vitality Coming Soon...

Opal Oasis

Vitality decided to make things a little classier. The added essence of honey and peach making it lighter and sweeter than our original Ruby.

Now Accepting Preorders


I have no words. It’s not only amazing fuel for workouts but it’s genuinely so refreshing. I look forward to sipping on it and don’t feel like I have to chug it get it down.

Owen C.

Had a killer pump and great energy throughout my workout. Tastes really good too, best way to describe it is berry flavored with a hint of lemon and little bit of a tea flavor!

Marie F.

One of the best pumps I have ever gotten. And it gives you the perfect amount of energy to where if you’re a person that likes to go to the gym late like me it’s not going to keep you up all night.

Jack S.

Sovereign Lifestyle natural pre workout gold vitality Ruby Red gym supplement brand