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Sovereign Helimix (Size)

Natural Energy

One scoop delivers a smooth 125mg of natural awakening caffeine, uniting the synergy of caffeine from Green Coffee Beans with the smooth, tea-like energy of Guayusa leaves found in AmaTea™.

But we didn't stop there. To truly crystallize your cognitive prowess, our blend features CognatiQ®, a specialized nootropic element that fine-tunes your mental agility and focus. Experience a balanced, robust energy that isn't just about the physical— it's a holistic empowerment of your body and mind.

No Artificial Sweeteners

At Sovereign, we're committed to authenticity in every aspect, right down to the taste. That's why our formula is free from artificial sweeteners, relying instead on the natural sweetness of Stevia. Complementing this is the unique, tea-like essence from guayusa, offering a subtly invigorating flavor profile. Experience a pure, clean taste that aligns perfectly with your quest for a Sovereign lifestyle—full of potency, yet balanced by nature.

The Clinical Method

Every ingredient in our blend is meticulously chosen and calibrated at clinically-effective doses. We understand that 'clinically dosed' can vary from person to person, catering to different needs and sensitivities. That's why our formula is designed for customizable potency. A single scoop serves as a balanced option, ideal for those seeking a lighter yet effective boost, while two scoops are there for days when you're ready to fully embrace your Sovereign capabilities.

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  • Guayusa Tea Leaves

    Naturally occurring antioxidants and caffeine from tea for a cognitive, uplifting energy experience, unlike any other caffeinated ingredient.

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  • Orange Peels

    Highly bioavailable, leading to tangible sensations within 30 minutes providing an increase in blood flow and a pleasant thermogenic effect.

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  • Whole-Coffee Fruit

    Boosting a key neuroprotein – BDNF, increasing brain connectivity while improving cognitive performance fast and over time.

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Pumps. Performance. Focus. Energy.

Vitality's Formula

SVRN Essentials

🌿 ESSENTIALS: The Foundations of Performance

L-Citrulline (6000 mg)

The cornerstone of muscle performance, L-Citrulline is scientifically validated to augment nitric oxide production, crucial for vasodilation and enhanced blood flow. A clinical range of 3-6 grams has been shown to substantially boost muscle endurance while mitigating fatigue, enabling you to feel a sustained pump from the first set to the last.

Beta Alanine (3200 mg) * CAUSES TINGLES

Equipped with a clinical dosage of 3200 mg, Beta Alanine acts as your muscular shield, elevating carnosine levels to stave off lactic acid accumulation. This not only extends your exercise threshold but also ignites the *Itch, a biochemical cue indicating that your true workout potential is yet to be unleashed.

Betaine Anhydrous (2500 mg)

Serving at a potent 2500 mg dose, Betaine Anhydrous immerses your muscles in a torrent of essential nutrients and oxygen. This optimized nutrient delivery system primes you for peak performance and sets the stage for accelerated recovery post-exercise.

L-Tyrosine (2000 mg)

At a focused 2000 mg dose, L-Tyrosine sharpens your cognitive edge, amplifying neurotransmitter activity to fortify the mind-body connection. This mental acuity steers you into the realm of focus, enabling a more engaged and effective workout.

Sea Salt (770 mg)

A calculated dose of 770 mg of Sea Salt harmonizes cellular electrolyte balance, safeguarding against cramps and fatigue. This ensures that your performance remains uncompromised, aligning with the commitment to unwavering excellence.

Each component in the ESSENTIALS category is set at clinical dosages, supporting a performance that not only meets but redefines your workout benchmarks. Elevate both your physical and mental capabilities and fully embody the Sovereign spirit.

SVRN Excellence

🌟 EXCELLENCE: The Sovereign Enhancers

Pomegranate Extract (500 mg)

Vitality's dynamo, Pomegranate Extract not only protects muscle cells from oxidative stress but also augments vasodilation for improved blood flow. With 500 mg in your arsenal, expect to elevate your circulatory dynamics to truly new standards.

Red Beet Root Powder (500 mg)

At a 500 mg dosage, Red Beet Root Powder serves primarily as an essence additive in Vitality. At increased dosages it acts as a natural stamina booster. Its inherent nitrates increase oxygen delivery to muscles, synergistically enhancing your exercise endurance and power output.

CitraPeak™ (200 mg) 

At a calculated 200 mg dosage, CitraPeak™ takes your look and pumps to the next level. Hesperidin, a flavonoid found in citrus fruit peels means fast release, allowing the vasodilation and pump effects of oranges to shine in Vitality. Not only does it amplify your pumps, but around the 30-minute mark, you'll notice a gentle warming sensation, a subtle thermogenic effect that slightly elevates your core temperature and promotes increased perspiration.

CognatiQ® (100 mg)

A precise 100 mg dose, CognatiQ® stands out as a distinguished cognitive enhancer. Extracted from sustainably sourced coffee fruit, this powerful nootropic works by boosting levels of the essential neuroprotein BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor). With four published human clinical studies validating its efficacy, CognatiQ® not only enhances brain connectivity but also brings immediate and long-term improvements to cognitive performance. 

In our EXCELLENCE category, every ingredient serves to amplify and enhance your workout experience. Beyond simply pushing your limits, these components help you redefine what those limits can be. Commit to EXCELLENCE, and fully embrace the Sovereign Lifestyle.


🌿 Natural Energy: Smooth, Awakening Energy Infused with Antioxidants

Green Coffee Bean Caffeine (200 mg)

Fueled by 200 mg of Green Coffee Bean Caffeine, experience an awakened energy that's both stable and enriching. Like a cup of good coffee, this isn't just a buzz—it's a finely tuned stimulation backed by a reservoir of antioxidants that simultaneously combat oxidative stress, supporting your ultimate well-being.

AmaTea™ (250 mg)

Standardized to yield a 20% caffeine content, this translates to an additional 50 mg of naturally-sourced caffeine.

Elevate your senses and invigorate your body with our premium AmaTea® infusion, meticulously crafted from Organic Guayusa leaves ethically sourced from the lush Amazon basin of Ecuador and Peru. Our 250mg blend seamlessly unites with 200mg of green coffee bean caffeine, not just leveling the energetic pulse but enhancing it with refined sophistication. 

This isn't merely a caffeinated lift; it's a cognitive, multi-layered surge of uplifting energy, backed by science and ongoing research. Beyond caffeine, AmaTea® infusion is teeming with antioxidants, augmenting Vitality's Formula with a holistic touch.

Total Synergy: 250 mg of Smooth, Awakening, Antioxidant-Enriched Natural Caffeine 

With two scoops, you unlock a vibrant 250 mg of smoothly integrated natural energy. AmaTea™ and Caffeine from Coffee join forces to awaken your body and mind, offering an awakening experience that is as smooth as it is potent. Both ingredients are laden with antioxidants, contributing to a comprehensive well-being profile.

Energize yourself with this unique blend that's not only powerful but also finely tuned for smoothness and rich in antioxidants. It's the Sovereign way of achieving high performance in perfect harmony with natural well-being.

Other Ingredients

🌿 Other Ingredients: Nature's Finesse Refined

Natural Flavor

Our natural flavoring adds a layer of sensory pleasure, making each sip a delightful experience that perfectly aligns with the Sovereign essence.

Malic Acid

Malic Acid enhances the overall taste profile while also playing a key role in energy production during your workout.

Silicon Dioxide

This naturally occurring compound ensures that every scoop retains its optimal texture and flowability, guaranteeing a consistent, lump-free mix every time. If you've touched a rock you've encountered this ingredient.

Citric Acid

Citric Acid adds a subtle tanginess that elevates the flavor while also serving as a natural preservative, ensuring your product stays fresh.


This plant-based sweetener delivers a guilt-free sweetness without the calories, adding a natural touch to your workout regimen.

Steviol Glycosides

An extract from the Stevia plant, Steviol Glycosides provide an additional layer of natural sweetness without affecting blood sugar levels, staying true to the Sovereign ethos of balance and wellness.

Blue Spirulina

A natural colorant rich in antioxidants and nutrients, Blue Spirulina adds a vibrant hue, while also offering subtle health benefits, harmoniously encapsulating the Sovereign spirit of vitality and purity.

  • Owen C.

    I have no words. It’s not only amazing fuel for workouts but it’s genuinely so refreshing. I look forward to sipping on it and don’t feel like I have to chug it get it down.

  • Marie

    Had a killer pump and great energy throughout my workout. Tastes really good too, best way to describe it is berry flavored with a hint of lemon and little bit of a tea flavor!

  • Jack S.

    One of the best pumps I have ever gotten. And it gives you the perfect amount of energy to where if you’re a person that likes to go to the gym late like me it’s not going to keep you up all night.

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