Vitality Excellence

🌟 EXCELLENCE: The Sovereign Enhancers

Pomegranate Extract (500 mg)

Vitality's dynamo, Pomegranate Extract not only protects muscle cells from oxidative stress but also augments vasodilation for improved blood flow. With 500 mg in your arsenal, expect to elevate your circulatory dynamics to truly new standards.

Red Beet Root Powder (500 mg)

At a 500 mg dosage, Red Beet Root Powder serves primarily as an essence additive in Vitality. At increased dosages it acts as a natural stamina booster. Its inherent nitrates increase oxygen delivery to muscles, synergistically enhancing your exercise endurance and power output.

CitraPeak™ (200 mg) 

At a calculated 200 mg dosage, CitraPeak™ takes your look and pumps to the next level. Hesperidin, a flavonoid found in citrus fruit peels means fast release, allowing the vasodilation and pump effects of oranges to shine in Vitality. Not only does it amplify your pumps, but around the 30-minute mark, you'll notice a gentle warming sensation, a subtle thermogenic effect that slightly elevates your core temperature and promotes increased perspiration.

CognatiQ® (100 mg)

A precise 100 mg dose, CognatiQ® stands out as a distinguished cognitive enhancer. Extracted from sustainably sourced coffee fruit, this powerful nootropic works by boosting levels of the essential neuroprotein BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor). With four published human clinical studies validating its efficacy, CognatiQ® not only enhances brain connectivity but also brings immediate and long-term improvements to cognitive performance. 

In our EXCELLENCE category, every ingredient serves to amplify and enhance your workout experience. Beyond simply pushing your limits, these components help you redefine what those limits can be. Commit to EXCELLENCE, and fully embrace the Sovereign Lifestyle.