Vitality Energy

🌿 Natural Energy: Smooth, Awakening Energy Infused with Antioxidants

Green Coffee Bean Caffeine (200 mg)

Fueled by 200 mg of Green Coffee Bean Caffeine, experience an awakened energy that's both stable and enriching. Like a cup of good coffee, this isn't just a buzz—it's a finely tuned stimulation backed by a reservoir of antioxidants that simultaneously combat oxidative stress, supporting your ultimate well-being.

AmaTea™ (250 mg)

Standardized to yield a 20% caffeine content, this translates to an additional 50 mg of naturally-sourced caffeine.

Elevate your senses and invigorate your body with our premium AmaTea® infusion, meticulously crafted from Organic Guayusa leaves ethically sourced from the lush Amazon basin of Ecuador and Peru. Our 250mg blend seamlessly unites with 200mg of green coffee bean caffeine, not just leveling the energetic pulse but enhancing it with refined sophistication. 

This isn't merely a caffeinated lift; it's a cognitive, multi-layered surge of uplifting energy, backed by science and ongoing research. Beyond caffeine, AmaTea® infusion is teeming with antioxidants, augmenting Vitality's Formula with a holistic touch.

Total Synergy: 250 mg of Smooth, Awakening, Antioxidant-Enriched Natural Caffeine 

With two scoops, you unlock a vibrant 250 mg of smoothly integrated natural energy. AmaTea™ and Caffeine from Coffee join forces to awaken your body and mind, offering an awakening experience that is as smooth as it is potent. Both ingredients are laden with antioxidants, contributing to a comprehensive well-being profile.

Energize yourself with this unique blend that's not only powerful but also finely tuned for smoothness and rich in antioxidants. It's the Sovereign way of achieving high performance in perfect harmony with natural well-being.